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Our story

Any business can claim to be the best at what they do, but what really matters is how we can do what’s best for you.

You’re reading this right now because you want to protect your family’s future. We understand that. Like you, we believe that family is everything. That’s the number one reason we do what we do.  Not only are we a family run business, we launched Golden Oaks Services after our personal experience with a pre-arranged family funeral. 

Not only was everything just as our family member had wanted it, but everything was paid for in advance. This took away additional financial burdens and saved the family from making difficult decisions at such a sad time.  It was a blessing. A blessing that we wanted to able to give to other families at difficult times.  There was a gap in the market for an “Umbrella” service that helped with all later life affairs, and we made it our mission to offer a friendly, all-inclusive company that significantly reduces stress and uncertainty and significantly adds value and peace of mind to your life.

Skip forward to today, we have built a long and very happy list of clients and are now proud to offer one of Wales’ leading one-stop shops for later life affairs.

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Our Above and Beyond Approach

Since starting our business, we have committed ourselves to really understanding our clients’ requirements, thoughts and feelings. We know that the services we offer can sometimes be difficult to face and it can often seem easier to “put them off until a later date”. However, we also know that sorting later life affairs is essential and that leaving it too late or taking the “DIY’ approach can leave your loved ones to make difficult decisions and even seriously out of pocket.

We understand your worries, your concerns and your end goal to enjoy a relaxed and contented retirement with everything set up in place for your loved ones. That’s why we go above and beyond to make the complicated simple, to make the muddled clear and to make the uncertain certain.


Here is how we go that extra mile for you and your family

24-Hour Service

Life doesn’t always abide by the 9-5, so we’re on hand to help you whenever you need us, whatever time of day that may be.

Everything in One Place

Everything and everyone you need to arrange your later life affairs is in one place with one dedicated team working closely with you. You’re not another client file, or a number in a call queue; you’re our priority and we treat you just as we would treat our own family.

Your Own Go-To Team

As a family run business, our service is centred around a personal approach. As our client, you are an integral part of our business and we take pride in building positive and long-lasting relationships with all our customers.

Locked-in Prices for Funeral Plans

With funerals prices having doubled in the last ten years, we  can guarantee you the financial benefit of locking in today’s funeral prices and spreading the cost in an affordable way.

Putting Your Family First

By helping you to plan and write your Will, we will ensure the maximum amount goes to your chosen beneficiaries and not any third parties or the tax man!

Protecting Your Rights

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney, your assets will be left in the expensive hands of the Courts in the unfortunate event that you lose capacity. We can help to protect you, your assets and your family whatever your age or situation.

 Getting You Properly Covered

With so many companies offering life insurance services, it can be difficult to know what’s right for you. We will look at your individual circumstances and assist you in choosing a policy that’s perfectly suited to you and your family.

Meet the team

Sarah White

Sarah White

Proprietor and Will Writer
sarah.white@goldenoaksservices.co.uk 01792 735444

Sarah set up Golden Oaks Services in 2016 after working in a Financial Education company. With experience of working in the funeral plan and Life Insurance sector and having seen first-hand the benefits of a pre-arranged funeral, Sarah felt strongly about  offering a range of helpful services for later life affairs.

Sarah is trained to take Will instructions and is qualified through the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW)

Sarah has been happily married to Golden Oaks’ Christopher White for 13 years and they share three amazing children.  Both Sarah and Chris are youth pastors at their local church and have a heart for helping people from disadvantage means. They are also both keen supporters of the following charities.

Chris White

Christopher White

Funeral Planning Consultant chris@goldenoaksservices.co.uk
01792 735663

Christopher is a Pastor in the local church as has over 20 years’ experience in telesales and face to face sales.

 A proud father of three, Christopher has a passion for helping people and has a remarkable proven track record in doing so.

Christopher joined Golden Oaks Services in 2018 and has made a remarkable contribution to the growth and reputation of the company.

At Golden Oaks Services, we are committed to providing you with a friendly One Stop Shop

for all your essential life affairs